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Pistis Foundation aims to provide scholarship  opportunities for underserved children within target communities who  show academic promise. So far, about 67 scholars have benefited from  the program and counting. Over 40 of these children, also known as PF  Scholars have been placed in about 16 primary and  secondary schools and they are beneficiaries of the foundation’s full  provisional scholarship program. The rest have either been annual or  one-off beneficiaries. 

Each year, the PF Scholarship drive begins in May and seeks to intervene in the lives of children from economically challenged families/ communities. The Scholarship goal over the course of 5-years is to successfully intervene in the lives of about 250 of these children. Parents and Guardians who apply are profiled and background checks are carried out to confirm their economic situation. The potential scholars are required to sit an assessment and are awarded scholarships on the basis of their performance. Successful scholars are required to maintain a minimum pass rate to retain their scholarships and it is a celebrated moment when parents or guardians’ economic situation changes and they are able to withdraw their children from the scholarship program.

Wings Academy is a subsidized talent-mining school – for children between ages 8 to 12. The academy ran for 12 Saturdays as a pilot, playing host to about 70 children, broken into 4 classes – Programming, Robotics, Music, and Creative Writing. The session culminated in a ‘show n tell’ event, where parents watched their children showcase what they had learned during the term. As of date, the Academy has successfully run 3 sessions with over 194 beneficiaries. It has expanded to also include coding and performing arts and will be positioned to focus more on under-served children in the future.