Focus Areas: Health, Education, Shelter

Become A Volunteer or Intern

Application Procedure

STEP 1:  Make your formal application for any of the categories by clicking here

STEP 2: Attend the first stage online interview with the selection team. Here you will be required to give a brief about yourself, your passion, and reasons for choosing to intern or volunteer with Pistis Foundation.

STEP 3: Successful applicants from stage one will be invited to a second stage online interview to further understand their interests and suitability to join any of the teams within the foundation.

STEP 4: Receive final feedback and attend the compulsory physical class induction session where you will get to learn extensively about the foundation.

STEP 5: You will be paired in a group to carry out a community impact project that will serve as your field induction. This is to enable you have a first-hand experience of community service as a social innovator, and boost other core skills such as teamwork, fundraising etc.

STEP 6:  Upon successful completion of your field induction, you will be integrated into a team of your choice within the foundation.

Please note that you will only be able to successfully volunteer with us on completion of the steps above.

We look forward to receiving your application and having you on board!