Focus Areas: Health, Education, Shelter


Our Education Cause

The goal of our Education Program is to make an impact in the educational sector beginning with providing quality education to underserved children and proceeding to support teachers and schools to raise the standard of education. We also recognize the need for informal and vocational training, and we aim to successfully drive these interventions for the young and old.  


The PF Scholarship program provides free education in collaboration with partner schools to economically challenged students who show academic promise. This is achieved either through one-off grants or longterm admittance into the PF Scholars Program.

PF Scholarships are awarded each year after beneficiaries have been academically assessed, parents interviewed, and background checks have been carried out on their families to ascertain their economic situations. Shortlisted candidates are allocated to partner schools near their locations in Lagos, Ogun and Oyo states.

Other Educational Programmes

Wings Academy

Wings Academy is a talent-mining and skills acquisition program. A pilot session ran in 2019 hosting close to 200 children and exposing them to Programming, Robotics, Music and Creative Writing classes. The result of the pilot test indicated the need to focus the program on economically challenged children and street children in particular.

A taster session held in 2022 with the Kids-off-the-street (KOTS) beneficiaries in Music, Computing and Chess. Plans are on-going to implement the program in the KOTS shelter.


Teachers' Excelling Network (TEN)

The aim is to collaborate with key teacher training network to provide a platform to educate teachers and offer welfare support leading to an ever-increasing professional standard which will in turn cascade to the students. 

In 2019, an initial Meet and Greet session was held with 103 teachers in the network. In collaboration with our partners, leadership training was provided for owners of partner schools in 2023 and welfare support in the form of airtime was provided for 155 teachers for 3 months in 2022