Focus Areas: Health, Education, Shelter


Our Shelter Cause

Our shelter program focuses on providing temporary residence for homeless individuals.

The goal is to be a stop-gap accommodation that meets the basic needs (food, water, shelter) during their time in the shelter, and offers a range of educational activities that will transform the lives of the residents, empowering them for successful reintegration into society. 

Kids Off The Street (KOTS)

Kids Off The Street (KOTS) is a strategic initiative focused on mitigating the number of homeless children within target communities. It is designed to re-habilitate homeless kids, and successfully reintegrate them into society.

The KOTS shelter is Pistis Foundation’s first shelter and the results from the pilot will impact the scaling of the children’s shelter and the establishment of adult shelters. 

The KOTS shelter opened on Saturday 26th June 2021 with the first batch of 12 children. The second batch of 11 children joined in December 2021 and January 2022. 

Other Shelter Programmes

Christmas Grotto

Christmas is an opportunity to put a smile on the faces of street children and each year on 26th December, we aim to hold a Christmas grotto, where children can receive gifts from Santa. So far, 1250 children have benefited from the yearly event. Donate to support street children and share the Christmas cheer.

Food Bank Intervention

In times of crisis, there is a need to focus on crisis intervention as was the case during the 2020 and 2021 Covid-19 pandemic waves. The activities of the key focus areas were largely paused, and in the heat of the 2020 lockdown, our team of brave volunteers were out, making sure food was delivered to the various communities in need. Medical interventions were also provided.