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Pistis Foundation, a dedicated supporter of economically challenged communities, reaffirms its commitment to providing opportunities that reflect the standards of care and support we would desire for ourselves.

At Pistis Foundation, we recognize the importance of stepping into the shoes of our beneficiaries and understanding their perspective. This perspective drives our mission to offer quality education and healthcare services that meet the highest standards, ensuring equitable access for all individuals.

For Pistis Foundation, quality education goes beyond mere instruction. It involves creating nurturing environments where individuals can develop their talents and realize their full potential. Through innovative programs and dedicated support, we strive to equip our beneficiaries with the tools they need to succeed in today’s world.

Similarly, in healthcare, Pistis Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that every individual receives the highest standard of medical attention. From preventive care to specialized treatments, we work to address the health needs of our communities and promote overall well-being.

“Our goal is to provide opportunities that reflect the standards of care and support we would want for ourselves,” states Leonard Thomas, Executive Director at PISTIS Foundation “By advocating for quality education and healthcare access, we not only uplift individuals but also strengthen communities and foster a brighter future for all.”

Pistis Foundation invites individuals and organizations alike to join us in our advocacy efforts for quality education and healthcare access. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and create a more inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

For more information on Pistis Foundation’s initiatives and how to support our advocacy please visit https://pistisfoundation.org or send us an email at info@pistisfoundation.org and partnerships@pistisfoundation.org


About PISTIS Foundation:

Pistis Foundation is a non-profit organization that was established to be a model provider of empowerment opportunities for the economically challenged with education, health, and shelter as key focus areas. Committed to driving positive change, the Foundation works tirelessly to provide healthcare to underserved communities through its UBOMI Outreach, rehabilitate homeless kids through the Kids-Off-The-Street (KOTS) Initiative, and provide quality education for out-of-school kids through its Adopt-A-PF-Scholar initiative. With a strong emphasis on transparency and accountability, Pistis Foundation strives to empower communities and create a more equitable world for all.