UBOMI Medical Outreach

Since 2019, Ubomi has been a beacon of hope for over 6000 individuals who have received crucial medical and surgical interventions. We’re proud to have delivered a total of 13,020 healthcare services, including 438 eye and general surgeries, to low-income individuals at absolutely no cost to them.

The 4th edition of the Pistis Foundation’s annual Medical and Surgical Outreach, Ubomi, is just around the corner, and our goal is nothing short of remarkable: providing free healthcare to over 4000 underserved individuals.

Our ability to make a difference in these communities is directly tied to the support we receive from generous donors and steadfast partners. Their contributions have been instrumental in our success.

In the face of increasing economic challenges and the growing needs in our country, programs like Ubomi are not just valuable; they are absolutely essential.

But here’s the reality: we can’t continue this vital work without your help. Your seemingly ‘small’ donation has the power to supply blood pressure medication to the bricklayer living next door or cover the costs of a fibroid surgery for the ‘pregnant’ street hawker.

Your support, in any amount, makes an immense impact. Please consider clicking the link below to donate and join us in this noble cause:

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